New RAC Study Reveals Dangers Of Bright Car Headlights

New RAC Study Reveals Dangers Of Bright Car Headlights

The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) just released survey results detailing the risks of bright car headlights in the UK. According to this new survey, an incredible 65 percent of UK residents admit to temporarily losing vision when oncoming headlights shine into their eyes.

Perhaps even more troubling that this 65 percent figure, researchers found that 15 percent of all drivers almost got involved in a serious accident because of someone else's bright headlights.In total, 2,000 UK drivers took part in this research.

On average, survey participants said it takes them at least five seconds to regain clear vision after being stunned by headlights.

One interesting finding in this report was that 58 percent of respondents believed newer headlights were brighter and more dangerous than older models. While there are a few cars on the road with old halogen lights, many newer models in the UK are made with harsher LED or xenon lights.

Doctors say the official term for this temporary blindness due to headlight glare is "photostress." Patients with pre-existing eye conditions like cataracts need to be extra cautious when driving at night because photostress can cause an even greater loss of their vision.

Anyone who does a lot of nighttime driving should contact their optometrist to learn about potential solutions. Many eyewear companies now manufacture glasses and contact lenses that can reflect glare from even the brightest LED lights.

Headquartered in Walsall, the RAC Limited is one of the most respected car service companies in the UK. Anyone can find more information on this and other RAC studies on the RAC Limited's website.

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